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Membership Agreement

Membership Services

Untitled Brand agrees to provide the Member with the following services during the term of their membership:


Unlimited Brands.

Unlimited Designs.

Unlimited Revisions.

One Request at a Time.

Quick Turnarounds.

Custom Brand Manuals.

Project Copywriting.

Unlimited Stock Photography.


Personal Discord Channel.

Real-time Discord Chatting.

1on1 Zoom Meeting.

1on1 Website Training.

Project Collaboration.

UB Community.


Pause or Cancel At Any Time.

Easy Billing/Payments.

Personal Client Portal.

Project Tracking.

Quickly Request Designs.

UB Strategy

Social Media Strategy

E-mail Campaign Strategy

Visual Branding Strategy

Rebranding Strategy

Creative Campaign Strategy

Brand Storytelling Strategy


Custom Brand Manual

Print Branding

Digital Branding

Social Media Branding





Social Media


x More








E-mail Campaigns

x More


Membership Commencement

This Agreement shall commence once the Member has paid the monthly subscription, as indicated in their Stripe portal.


Membership Fees

In consideration for the services provided, the Member agrees to pay a monthly membership fee of $4,000 each month.


Payment Terms

Payments shall be made via Stripe on a recurring monthly basis.


Pause/Cancel Membership

Either party may choose to pause or cancel this Agreement at any time. The Member is responsible for initiating the pause or cancellation of their membership. If the Member has already paid for the current month, no refunds will be issued. The Untitled Brand reserves the right to pause or cancel the membership immediately for a material breach of terms.


Membership Reactivation

The Member may reactivate their membership at any time after pausing their subscription by providing written notice to the Untitled Brand.

Design Requests

Navigate to your client portal to find the menu to make a request: design, social media, brand manual, and/or other requests.


Simply fill out the form associated with your specific request, and our dedicated team will promptly review it. You’ll receive notifications confirming our team has received your form and reviewing it. Any additional queries will be addressed via the Member's private Discord channel.

Member + UB Team Communication

When a deliverable is ready for review, the Member can expect a notification via email indicating that the deliverable is ready for review. The email will include a link to view, approve, or provide revision feedback through the Member's private Discord channel.

Approving & Making Revisions

Whether it’s approval or revisions, you can efficiently manage these actions through your private Discord channel, ensuring seamless communication with our team.


Communication Follow-Up

If the Untitled Brand team hasn't received feedback from the Member, our team will proactively reach out once a week for three consecutive weeks for feedback.


If there is still no response, the team will then follow-up once biweekly for two weeks.


If the Untitled Brand team still hasn't received a response after 5 consecutive weeks it becomes the Member's responsibility to initiate communication with our team.


Communication Channels

All communication between the Member and the Untitled Brand team must be conducted through the Member's private Discord channel. In specific cases, communication through email is accepted.



Both parties agree to keep confidential any proprietary or confidential information obtained during the course of this agreement and their UB subscription.

Governing Law

This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of Texas.


Entire Agreement

This Agreement constitutes the entire understanding between the parties and supersedes all prior agreements.

Untitled Brand

July 2023

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